Officially Eida Charedis

A true artisan, Yoeli has made it his job to research and perfect the arts of both charcuterie and artisanal smoking. Using methods learned in Texas and perfected through years of experience, Yoeli brings you a mouth-watering variety of meat, fish and chicken products, all hand-crafted and prepared fresh to order, in Israel

Smoked Meat Board - Charcuterie Board - Meat Platter - Yoelis Smokehouse
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"I love making people happy, and what better way than through a perfect dish?"

"I want to give my customers that perfect experience, and I’m prepared to do anything, go to any lengths, so that they can enjoy their order. I personally choose only the freshest ingredients. Even our sausages are made from real, fresh meat; we buy our spices fresh from the shuk; Call me crazy but there're times I actually stay up all night making sure that the meat is being turned just right and that the smoke is exactly the right temperature.

"My personal guarantee is - I never compromise on perfect. Your order will be created to perfection, no matter what it takes.”

Perfect texture. Perfect color. Perfect taste. Perfect crust.
Perfect texture. Perfect color. Perfect taste. Perfect crust.
Perfect texture. Perfect color. Perfect taste. Perfect crust.
Best Meat Board - Delicious Smoked Meat Platter - Yoelis Smokehouse Jerusalem
Solid Wooden Board for Charcuterie

"I recently tried Karve Deli and was blown away by the quality of the food. The smoked fish, ribs, and chicken were all absolutely delicious and incredibly flavorful. The presentation was also impressive, as each dish looked beautiful and appetizing. Yoel was friendly and accommodating, making the experience even more enjoyable. I highly recommend Karve Deli for anyone looking for a delicious meal!!!!!!"

- Eli Friedman, Lakewood

Yoeli from Yoelis Smokehouse Carving Smoked Brisket



We use a unique process which combines the traditional Texas method with our own spice rub, a slow smoke with specially chosen wood and a lot of patience!


Yes! We offer delivery to everywhere in Israel.

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